About CleanFizz S.A.

Created in March 2011, CleanFizz has developed and patented the “Intelligent and Self-Cleaning Solar Panel” a revolutionary technology based on ElectroDynamic System that integrates into the surface of PV solar panels, concentrators, collectors and glass facades. 

CleanFizz has received the Innovation Award of the NYSE Euronext 2011 during the Clean Green Event in November 2011 in Paris and has been selected and invited by Masdar to exhibit at the Innovate @ WFES 2012 during the World Future Energy Summit in January 2012 in Abu Dhabi, 2019 & 2020 Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

CleanFizz is a Swiss Company incorporated in Geneva.

Board of directors and advisory:

  • George McKarris, CEO
  • Sylvain Cassier, CFO
  • Philippe Couty, CTO
  • Faten Ghazal-McKarris, VP Admin & Finance
  • Olivier Ouzilou, Advisor
  • Karim Hantes, Advisor
  • Imad Darwich, Advisor
  • Bernard Pittet, Advisor

CleanFizz has taken on the challenge to make the solar world even more sustainable.

Cleaning sand, dust and snow off solar panels and other surfaces is one of the great tasks facing the world today. CleanFizz has developed the most efficient solution to address dust and snow cleaning off solar panel surfaces and others. Our unique technology applies an active electrostatic field to remove dust off surfaces even when they are positioned horizontally.

This self-cleaning technology produces heat on the surfaces of panels and others in order to melt snow in cold regions. CleanFizz’ self-cleaning technology can be powered directly from a PV solar panel using less than 10% of power produced during a maximum time of 30 seconds. Otherwise, an external power source such as battery or direct from the grid is needed to power the self-cleaning system.