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CleanFizz Samples Products

SolFizz™ PV

  • Self-Cleaning PV solar panels for power generation

SolFizz™ BIPV

  • Self-Cleaning Building Integrated Photovoltaic panels with superior quality, aesthetic appearance and optional colors as well as smart glass options

SolFizz™ Architectural

  • Self-Cleaning glazing (façade, roof or curtain wall) with superior aesthetic appearance and optional solar power generation or switchable film options

SolFizz™ CSP

  • Self-Cleaning solar concentrator (mirror) for thermal power generation

Clean+21 Solar Street Lighting

  • The Clean+21 series of autonomous solar lighting has been developed by CleanFizz as an alternative to conventional off-grid solar lighting to address both public and private growing needs.
  • Clean+21 is an extremely low maintenance concept ideal for harsh weather installations in arid, desert and very cold regions of the world.
  • It consists of a self-cleaning solar panel, high performance LED light source, a ruggedized energy storage system, luminosity and presence sensors and an intelligent controller to manage the most efficient and economical lighting cycles.